Visa Information

Visa Information

1. Nepal Visa Information

Getting your tourist visa to Nepal is the easiest thing you will do during your tour. All you have to do is arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, where you will be guided by the airport officials on how to get your tourist visa. You can simply go to the tourist visa booth and ask for a form, fill out the form, and submit it to the desk officer.

After that, you will be asked to pay your visa fees as per your duration of stay. Here are the options you can choose from:

15-day visa: USD 30
30-day visa: USD 50
90-day visa: USD 125

India’s citizens can visit Nepal without a visa. At a border checkpoint, they must, nevertheless, present proper documentation, such as a valid passport or a government-issued identification with a picture.

Note: Visa fees are governed by the Government of Nepal and are subject to immediate changes. So, make sure that you are informed of the latest changes by visiting the official site of Nepal government visa requirements.

Online Application

During the peak traveling season of spring and autumn, you might get stuck in a line for a visa at the airport. To avoid this, you can simply fill out an online form beforehand. After you have submitted the filled-out form, you will receive a barcode that has all your visa info. You will have to print out this barcode and present it at the immigration booth at the Kathmandu International Airport.

This allows you to skip the line for the visa form and head straight to the bank counter where you can pay the visa fees. Following that, you should present the printed barcode, visa fee receipt, 2 twoassport-sized photos, proof of accommodation, and return ticket, o get your tourist visa.

Visa Extension

You can request a visa extension at the Immigration Office in Pokhara or Kathmandu if you would like to stay a little longer in Nepal. A valid passport (valid for a minimum of 6 months), a filled-out visa extension form, a passport-sized picture, and an additional visa fee are required. A tourist visa to Nepal can be obtained for no more than 150 days per year.

2. Tibet Visa Information

Three documents are needed to enter Tibet from Nepal: a Chinese visa granted by the Chinese Embassy located in the capital city, Kathmandu; a letter of invitation; and a Tibet travel permit, commonly known as a Tibet visa.

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu is the one issuing the group visa in this instance. Any kind of Chinese visa that was obtained outside of Nepal is considered void. Thus, if your plan is to visit Tibet through Nepal, you should apply for a Chinese visa in Kathmandu rather than attempting to do so in your home country.

The Tibet Tourism Bureau is responsible for issuing the letter of invitation and Tibet travel permit. Our travel agency representative will pick you up from the airport in Lhasa using the travel permit, and you can submit an application for the Chinese group visa in Kathmandu with a letter of invitation.

You can get to Tibet via a direct flight to Lhasa or a 9-day trip from Kathmandu via land transport.


Tibet is a unique place. While obtaining a Tibet group visa is simple for holders of standard passports, diplomats, reporters, officials from the government, and expats may encounter difficulties and uncertainty. These individuals may get in touch with the Diplomatic and Press Department of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal for assistance.


The same is true for accessing Tibet from China: you cannot apply for a travel permit to Tibet on your own. Direct applications for a travel permit and tourist visa are not permitted for visitors. It is necessary for you to make tour reservations through a certified tour operator who can obtain the letter of invitation, travel permit, and tourist visa on your behalf.

You can email or call us if you have any queries, need to schedule a custom Nepal & Tibet trip, or want to submit an application for a visa.


The following paperwork must be submitted in order to get your Tibet permit and letter of invitation prior to your date of travel: an electronic copy of the passport’s info section and your photo. -You will have to present your passport’s original copy when you arrive in Kathmandu and give your travel agency permission to apply on your behalf.

A duplicate of your passport will be used to apply for a visa on your behalf, but there is a chance that it may be rejected. You do not need to be present at the Chinese embassy to be able to apply for the Chinese visa; we will work it out on your behalf.

3. Bhutan Visa Information

Generally speaking, you need a Bhutan visa in order to enter the Kingdom of Bhutan. The authorities of Bhutan expect that by promoting minimally invasive tourism, the visa policy would contribute to the preservation of the nation’s traditional values. The government of Bhutan puts a lot of effort into preserving the nation’s unspoiled landscapes and rich cultural legacy.

Reducing the number of visitors to Bhutan is the aim of the nation’s visa policy. Consequently, it tightly controls the number of tourists that can enter the country at any given time, preventing a surge of tourists from overloading the country. This approach guards against uncontrolled tourism’s potential harm to Bhutan’s nature and culture.

At the point of access, citizens of Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives can receive clearance to enter the country. But only if the individual’s passport is still valid for a minimum of six months after that. Indian nationals may also enter the country with a valid travel document; additionally, the Voter Identity Card (VIC) is another document that can get the job done.

In addition, these tourists have to pay a sustainable development fee of about $17 USD each day in order to stay in Bhutan.

How to Apply

International travelers must get a visa in order to travel to Bhutan. An authorized Bhutanese travel agency can assist you in completing an online form and sending it to the Bhutan Tourism Council. The travel agency has to view the photo page of the passport for the purpose of applying for the right kind of visa.

The Tourist Council of Bhutan (TCB) shall process the visa following receipt of full payment for the journey, comprising the USD 40 visa fee, in the TCB banking account. Two days after approval, the visa application will be processed. Present the letter confirming your visa approval to immigration authorities at the Bhutanese port of entry, and they will verify its authenticity and stamp your visa.