Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Duration 1 Day
We offer special group discounts, please contact us for the offers.
Trip Duration 1 Day
Group Size 2-16 People
Maximum Altitude 4,130m
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmanu/Kathmandu
Accommodation Hotel

Overview of Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

If you find yourself lacking the time or energy for trekking, or if you simply desire the excitement of embarking on a unique and rare adventure, the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour could be the ideal choice for you. The Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour offers a fast and exciting alternative for experiencing the breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayas in the western region of Nepal.

The journey is short but amazing, made for those who have limited time or prefer a heli tour to the Annapurna Base Camp trek. The experience of the ABC helicopter tour is a truly unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime.

The Annapurna Base Camp is located below Mt. Annapurna, at an elevation of 4130 m. It can be easily reached within a 2-3 hour helicopter ride from Pokhara. The Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Pokhara begins in the beautiful city of lakes, Pokhara. This one-day trip allows you to experience the breathtaking Annapurna Base Camp via helicopter.

The main highlights of this tour include offering a wide view of the Himalayan ranges, as well as the surrounding peaks of the Annapurna regions. The Annapurna Helicopter Tour offers breathtaking views of Nepal’s most famous and highest peaks, including the Annapurna Ranges, Dhaulagiri, Fishtail, and many others.

The helicopter tour to Annapurna Base Camp begins and concludes at Pokhara Airport. The helicopter departs from Pokhara airport and heads north. Looking down at the dense green forest, beautiful villages, rivers, hills, and terrains is an incredibly exciting experience. As you approach the Annapurna mountain range, you will soon be greeted by the breathtaking snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Once you enter the Annapurna Sanctuary, you will make a few rounds around the Annapurna Base Camp. It will arrive there in approximately half an hour. You have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Fish Tail, Mardi Himal, and Annapurna, and capture stunning photographs. Afterward, it will depart from this location and return to Pokhara.

Itinerary of Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

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Essential Information - Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Best Weather For Annapurna Base Camp helicopter tour

The best seasons for an Annapurna Base Camp helicopter tour in Nepal are typically from March to May (Spring) and September to November (Autumn. These two seasons provide the best weather for a safe and enjoyable helicopter tour to Annapurna Base Camp.

These seasons provide the best visibility for viewing the stunning Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. The skies are clear, and the temperatures are pleasant. However, it’s important to remember that weather in mountainous areas can be unpredictable, and there may be seasonal variations.

Safety and Health Precautions for Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Taking a helicopter tour can be a thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime experience, but safety and health precautions are very important. It makes sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip. By taking these safety and health precautions, you can get the most out of a helicopter tour while minimizing any risks. This will make sure you have a safe and fun time in the sky.

Before you even get in the helicopter, the tour operator or pilot must give you a full safety briefing. This meeting should go over how to use safety gear like seatbelts and life vests correctly, as well as what to do in an emergency. People should pay attention and ask questions if they don’t understand something.

People who want to go on a helicopter tour should be in good physical shape, since the ride can sometimes be bumpy and make some people sick. If you have any health problems that have been going on for a while, you should talk to a doctor or nurse before going on the tour.

Dress in layers so you can adjust to changing temperatures, and wear sturdy, comfortable hiking boots to protect your feet on the trek. During the tour, it’s also a good idea to bring sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

Packing Essentials for Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

In order to make the most of your exciting Annapurna Base Camp Heli Tour, it’s important to come prepared with the right gear. Here is a general list of what to bring on a helicopter tour, though the precise items you’ll need will depend on the destination and length of your trip.

● Dress in layers, as it can get cold at higher altitudes.
● Closed-toe shoes or boots with good grip
● A small backpack to carry your essentials
● Sunglasses with UV protection
● Hat or cap
● Copy of your travel insurance and any required permits for the helicopter tour.
● Mobile phone with a full charge and a portable charger
● Camera or smartphone for taking photos and videos (with extra batteries or power banks)
● High SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun
● Lip balm with SPF to prevent chapped lips
● Any prescribed medications you may need during the tour

Special permits for Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour permits can be obtained quickly and easily. Permits are available at our city office or upon arrival in Pokhara. A valid passport or government-issued photo ID is required to enter national parks. However, you should always carry your passport with you when you travel.

Age limit for the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour does not have a required minimum passenger age. This exciting tour is open to people of all ages. Children under the age of three should not be brought to this high altitude area for health purposes, but other than that, there are no age restrictions.

Annapurna Helicopter Tour Group Size and Group Joining

Helicopter rides can have a maximum of five passengers due to the vehicle’s seating capacity. The Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour is open for group participation. If you are traveling alone or with a companion and would like to split the fare for a car ride with a larger group, please get in touch with us. If you have a sizable group and would like to fly privately, we can also arrange a private tour for you. Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour also offers solo tours for those who are interested. However, you will be responsible for organizing and paying for your own helicopter tour. So, yes, we can do all of that.

Weight limit for the ABC Helicopter Tour

Different tour operators have different policies regarding how much weight passengers can carry. Weight limits on helicopters are put in place for good reason; exceeding them can compromise the helicopter’s safety, performance, and stability.

This helicopter tour typically covers 5 passengers per helicopter. The typical visitor to Annapurna’s base camp weighs 100 kilograms. A helicopter has a maximum load of 500 kilograms. You’ll need to take an extra shuttle to Annapurna Base Camp by helicopter if you’re planning to bring a lot of gear.

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