Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

There is a risk of altitude sickness, injury, and even death when trekking in the remote highland regions of the Himalayas, making it one of the most daring activities. We are always worried about hikers’ well-being, security, and comfort as they go into higher altitudes.

We make significant efforts to lessen or minimize danger and hazard, but occasionally, the curse of nature or the Himalayas’ variable aspects are out of our control and, therefore, not our responsibility. You are quite welcome to visit our agency in Kathmandu if you have a strong desire for exploration and are prepared to abide by the terms and conditions listed below.

Booking Terms

The client must fill out and confirm the booking form when the client and the tour operator have decided on a trekking package or excursion, with the amenities, dates, and costs agreed upon either orally or on paper. Here are some points to be noted:

  • An advance deposit of 20% of the total trip cost is required.
  • The client’s travel reservation will be verified upon receipt of the payment.
  • The remaining balance is due thirty days before the vacation departs.
  • Cash, credit cards, bank transfers, or cheques are accepted as forms of payment.
  • There will be bank fees, which will add 4% to the total.
  • If the remaining balance has not been paid by the scheduled date, we retain the authority to cancel the reservation and retain the advance deposit unless the client requests another to change the trekking dates beforehand.


If you do not have insurance on the starting day of the trip, we have the authority to cancel your trip. In such a case, you will not be reimbursed for any of the payments you have made for this trek. We do this as insurance is very important while traveling to potentially dangerous places such as the remote Himalayas.

Your insurance should also cover the emergency recuse services expense.

Cancellation Policy

Here’s what happens if the client cancels the trip:

  • If canceled 60 days before the scheduled starting date, your advance deposit will be retained.
  • If canceled 30 days before the scheduled starting date, the advance deposit plus 40% of the balance payment will be retained by the agency.
  • If canceled 15 days before the scheduled starting date, the advance deposit plus 100% of the balance payment will be retained by the agency.

We do not enjoy retaining your payments, but from the moment you book your reservation for any of the trips we offer, our employees start working on it as we have to work out a bunch of aspects. This forces us to retain your payments as a bunch of people already started working for your trip.

If, by some unforeseen incident, we can not make it at the scheduled departure, the client will either get a full refund, including the refund of the advance deposit, or be provided an alternate trip. The client’s extra losses (such as those from connecting flights, etc.) are not the responsibility of our agency.

Midway Cancellation

If, while on the expedition, hiking, or travel time frame, a traveler gives up, refuses, or avoids the expedition, hiking, or tour for any reason—including poor health, a visa expiring, or any other personal reason—we will consider the journey to be abandoned and the client will not be entitled to a refund from our agency.

Itinerary Changes

The change of itinerary by our agency will be discussed prior to the departure date. A full refund will be done should the client want to cancel; the deposit and the balance will be reimbursed. If the client doesn’t terminate the trip, our agency will cover any acceptable additional expenses; otherwise, it will charge a part of the costs, which will be discussed beforehand.

If the itinerary is changed as per the client’s preference, it will be done If possible. Any additional expenses will be discussed beforehand and charged to the client.

Personal Goods

You need to be careful with everything you own because if you lose something, it may be challenging to locate. Nevertheless, throughout a tour with us, our professional crew members will make every effort to keep your possessions safe. If, somehow, your property is lost or ruined, we shall not be held accountable, but we strongly encourage our employees to keep an eye on things and take care of them. Place your personal goods always in a room of your own. Carry valuables with you, such as a smartphone, camera, purse, and identification documents. Next, insure your priceless possessions, such as your personal computer, camera, and smartphone.

Unpredictable Situations

If there are any unforeseeable circumstances (political conflicts, natural catastrophes, mass rallies, adverse climate, etc.) that cause us to cancel your booked journey, we would be pleased to recommend another destination to you.

All the payments you made to our firm will be repaid if the alternative doesn’t suit your personal interests. However, keep in mind that you are solely responsible for any additional costs you incur as a result of this reservation.


Informing the hiking guide or group leader of the problem that has to be fixed is the client’s responsibility. Should the customer be dissatisfied with the measure that was taken, they must speak or write directly to any of the management staff members of the business to address the matter.

If the problem continues to fail to be solved to the client’s contentment, a written complaint with a detailed description of the problem and, if feasible, a recommended remedy must be forwarded to the managing director.

Every trip, hiking, or excursion involves some element of “thrills.” It’s crucial to have comprehension, acceptance, and tolerance. We will always make an effort to keep our clients aware of any issues and risks, as well as to minimize any additional costs.

Medical Examinations

In the end, it is your duty to confirm if you are healthy enough to participate in our adventurous vacation. Accordingly, you want to get a comprehensive medical and oral examination before your trip starts. We also highly advise against going on any journey if you are currently experiencing high blood pressure, chronic asthma, or a serious heart or lung condition.

Since medical services differ from nation to nation, companies cannot guarantee the caliber of such institutions. However, we guarantee that we will make every effort to safeguard your health during your stay in Nepal. We always carry a complete first aid kit and necessary pills on our travels.

We require a full medical check-up document revealing your immediate illnesses, if any, and other physical conditions that might be an issue while traveling.


Clients shall acknowledge and consent that our agency will not be held liable for weather-related delays or cancellations, natural disasters, strikes, robbery, emergencies, civil unrest, government restrictions or regulations, transport accidents, or other forms of unpredictable scenarios related to the trip. The hikers and climbers should be aware that such circumstances might arise, and we will promptly notify you of any updates on the situation.

Missed Amenities

For services that are stated and agreed upon in the booked trip but are not utilized, our agency will not reimburse any payments made for it. This covers the following: being late for the adventure or trip; early dismissal, whether voluntary or obligatory; and cancellation or withdrawal from the trip, or trekking, due to illness, important family matters, personal constraints, etc.

It is our duty to provide you with necessary services and it is your duty to make use of it.

Privacy Policy

Clients and the agency both commit to keeping each other’s information private. We only use your email address and personal information to handle your requests, plan your vacation, and save correspondence for later.

Without paying you anything, our firm is free to use the photos you took on the trip for press releases and advertising on any platform. We never sell or give away your private information or images to third parties.