The continuous snowfall has affected springtime Himalayan climbing

The continuous snowfall has affected springtime Himalayan climbing

The continuous snowfall halted the Everest climbers at the base camp | Peregrine Treks
The Continuous Snowfall during winter

The continuous snowfall has affected springtime Himalayan climbing. Even though the climbing season in the Himalayas has started, climbing has been obstructed due to unexpected snowfall. In the 70-year history of climbing, even though permission for Mount Everest climbing has been granted to most, they have been stopped at the base camp when the weather is adverse.

466 people from 43 mountaineering groups have been granted permission to climb Mt. Everest. Currently, the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC)has informed that Mount Everest pollution control is being carried out in 1,300 national and international base camps set up for various mountain climbing expeditions.

This is the first time that an avalanche has hit a team of climbers at the base camp. “The continuous snowfall is not conducive to climbing the mountain,” said Lamakaji Sherpa, chairman of the committee. There has been constant snowfall for the past five days in the Khumbu region.

“There is snow up to the waist, and it is increasing day by day,” said Bhumi Raj Upadhyay, warden of Sagarmatha National Park.

Due to the continuous presence of snow, the possibility of climbing up from the second camp is uncertain, said the chairman of the committee. “That’s why the climbers are currently staying and practicing in the first and second camps,” he said.

The Sherpas are continuously providing support to gather equipment for the climbers. Some climbers have been spotted at Namche Bazaar, taking advantage of the favorable weather. “More than a dozen climbers have arrived at Namche via helicopter from the base camp,” said tourism entrepreneur Chimikalden Sherpa.

Despite the entry of around 300 foreign tourists daily through airways to the Khumbu region, local hotels are still overcrowded.

The improvement in weather is expected to take some more time. The Chief of the Meteorology Department, Sajina Shakya, has not predicted snowfall in the Himalayan region for a few more days.

“Snowfall will decrease from Friday. But it will take a few more days to improve the weather in the entire Himalayan region,” she said.


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